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Saturday , September 23
8:30 PM ET Johnny Damon Celebrity Golf
Charlie travels down to sunny F-L-A and hits the links with 2-time World Champion baseball player Johnny Damon. Johnny raises money for the Johnny Damon Foundation. Charlie decides to fish instead of golf. Johnny invites celebrity guests such as Tim Wakefield, Bo Outlaw, Ray Lankford, Gary Sheffield and Micky Ward. Charlie tops off the charity event with a 5-pound largemouth bass.

9:30 PM ET Joe Dirt
Mid-summertime bass fishing! Charlie heads out in search of a big Larry. Charlie compares himself to Joe Dirt and good things happen. Charlie cooks a special swordfish on the grill and explains how chicken wings become winglets. Charlie ends the show with a huge bass and declares that there should be an official Joe Dirt Day!

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