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Saturday , August 19
12:00 PM ET Home Alone
Charlie decides to fish one of his favorite lakes followed by fishing a lake that he has never fished before in his life. The Mad Fisherman bumps into some school kids during a field trip. Charlie catches a surprise fish and decides to make it lunch for the crew. Things get a little heated when Charlie loses a 5-lb. bass. In the end, Charlie catches a lunker largemouth. Filming is a little different than normal. The Mad Fisherman is by himself, therefore, he dubs the show Home Alone.

12:30 PM ET Lennywood (Huntington Beach)
Charlie heads westbound and down for a little taste of the SoCal Lifestyle. We all know that Mad Fish loves chasing the bass around Boston, but the warm California sun and surf are calling. After a little bout of jet lag, Charlie heads out for some food and drinks in Huntington Beach. Charlie hooks up with the unofficial mayor of Huntington Beach Lenny, or as Charlie has dubbed him – Lennywood. Kayak fishing, spear fishing and surfing are just a few of the things that make up this unique show at Huntington Beach. Catch all of the action right here on NESN!

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