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Sunday , May 20
6:00 PM ET Game Misconduct (Peter Laviolette)
Charlie travels north of Boston and hooks up with NHL Head Coach of the National Predators Peter Laviolette. Peter brings his entire family to meet Charlie. Charlie and Peter spend a few hours fishing on Peter's lake and talking hockey. Charlie heads south of Boston and visits Steve's Prince of Steaks to critique the world-famous Philly Cheesesteak. Charlie cooks for Peter's family. And shows off his "Mad" grilling skills. Charlie tries to convince Peter that he is still a Bruins fan. Coach ends up catching the biggest largemouth bass of his life.

6:30 PM ET Colorado – Scene One
The Mad Fisherman heads to Fort Collins, Colorado. He checks in on American Legacy Firearms known for custom engraving a variety of guns. The airline loses all of Charlie's fishing gear. Charlie fishes a few local lakes in search of bass not trout and makes an impromptu visit to a John Deere tractor collection. Charlie hooks up with a local and fires off some vintage weapons at a local gun range. Charlie offers up his final critique of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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