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Wednesday , April 24
5:00 PM ET Groundhog Day
Charlie hits one of his favorite local lakes and quickly realizes that he is in a time lapse. Charlie tells the viewer that this is his version of Groundhog Day. Anthony Moore heads to northern New Hampshire to go ice fishing for trout and cusk. Charlie sees his shadow which means six more weeks of bad fishing. Charlie gives the history of Punxsutawney Phil.

5:30 PM ET Fishing Dunn Right!
Charlie hooks up with comedian/actor Jimmy Dunn. Jimmy takes Charlie to his hometown – Hampton, New Hampshire and they start off with a quick visit to Cinnamon Rainbows which is Jimmy's favorite surf shop. Jimmy and Charlie then hit the waves on the paddle boards. Jimmy takes Charlie to lunch at the Secret Spot. Charlie takes Jimmy fishing in hopes of landing Jimmy his first ever smallmouth bass

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