NESN Outdoors

A two hour block of outdoor themed shows hosted by NESN's own Charlie Moore.

Beat Charlie Moore

In 2004, Moore began work on the show Beat Charlie Moore. The show aired for 8 seasons on ESPN from 2004 until 2010, totaling 96 episodes. It was one of the highest rated shows on ESPN 2 and the first show on ESPN to have the host’s name in the title of the series. The show was very high energy and ESPN considered it the future of outdoor programming. Beat Charlie Moore was edited and produced by Doug Orr.

Roughing It

In 2004–2005, Moore hosted NESN’s first original TV series, Roughing It. The show consisted of taking two athletes and two comedians into the woods of New England for an outdoor adventure. The show was a success, however, Moore had to bow out of the project after two seasons because his schedule did not allow him to host three TV series at the same time.

Charlie Moore TV

In 2006 Moore produced and hosted the Charlie Moore TV series for WFN, the World Fishing Network. The project was the first original series on the WFN network. The series ended after two seasons.

Front Row

In the fall of 1995, Front Row, a nightly magazine program premiered on NESN. In the spring of 1996, Moore made his television debut hosting Front Row Outdoors. The features were about two minutes in length and originally aired bi-weekly, however, due to the success of the features NESN began running them every week. For his first season on TV Moore made 50 dollars an episode, earning a grand total of 500 dollars for ten episodes. Front Row was canceled in 2000 and Moore was offered his own TV series Charlie Moore Outdoors.